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Strangely enough, the debate last night was marked by how much the candidates seemed to agree with each other. In one sense, you might say, this is not a bad thing, especially as it pertains to national security and foreign … Continue reading

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The debate last night stirred two things in me: oneĀ  is about the debate format and process I have been critiquing in recent posts; but the other is a more fundamental critique of assumptions that both sides hold as simply … Continue reading

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OUR Dialogue

I think the most important thing to remember is that this election process is our dialogue. For me that means two things: one is the framework I offered last week, that the process is a reflection of the dialogue that … Continue reading

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A Framework for Addressing Our Election Challenge

I want to offer a weekly reflection on the Presidential election process, specifically on how the candidates are addressing (or not addressing) the ecological dimension of our lives and the related environmental challenges. I will use the debates as markers … Continue reading

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