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When people feel they belong to an organization/family/community, it brings out the best in them, while also encouraging them to bring their best to work

 I offer skills for designing, facilitating, training, leading and coaching Organizations of Belonging.


My experience of working in Kenya in the ‘70s gave me an insight into the art of dialogue as the essential (though mostly overlooked) aspect of good relationships, including good organizations. It is through good relationships that we come to belong.However, relationship like this requires more than good intention or even the right attitudes (though these do help) but, more importantly, simple but critical skills.

The essential skills of Dialogue are: Connecting, Exploring, and Discovering: all forms of LISTENING.

Today more than ever, nonprofit and for profit organizations
as well as all forms of government entities need to be concerned about their
future viability. Serious environmental challenges as well as financial and
efficiency concerns have and will impact small and large, new and old, and
local and global organizations. New ways of growth and sustainability will need
to be considered, debated, and initiated. All entities will be required to
think about their future in new and transformative ways. In my opinion, no
person can lead this dialogue better than Danny Martin. His insights and his
vision will help bring clarity and success to this important discussion.

Len Miller, Partner, ODMD (ret) and Honorary Chair of SoundWaters, CT

Facilitating a deep listening conversation brought invaluable skill and productivity to our convening. We are already using what you have taught us across the organization. I can’t imagine having had the conference without your contributions….

Sara Horowitz, Executive Director, Freelancers Union

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